International Bioentrepreneurship Education Conference June 14 - 16, 2013

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  Agenda in pdf

June 14, 2013


 9:15 am -   9:30 am

Coffee and Refreshments


 9:30 am –   9:50 am

Stephen Rittenberg
Vice Provost, Academic Administration, Columbia University
Carol Lin
Director of Biotechnology MA and Post Baccalaureate Programs, Columbia University



10:00 am – 10:30 am

Training Well-Rounded Scientists
Thomas Magaldi
Director, Science Alliance, New York Academy of Sciences



10:30 am - 11:00 am

The Need for Bold and Innovative Training Programs to Prepare Academic Scientists for Careers in Today's Economy
Randall Ribaudo
President, co-founder SciPhD Programs, Human Workflows, LLC



11:00 am – 11:30 am

Transforming Basic Research into Successful Therapeutic Products
Mitchell Wong
Principal, The Exeter Law Group LLP



11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Panel Discussion
Brady Huggett, Moderator
Business Editor, Nature Biotechnology
David Sable
Portfolio Manager, Special Situations Life Science Fund
Keenan Bashour
Columbia University

Nina Tandon

Co-founder, EpiBone



12:30 pm –  1:30 pm




  1:30 pm –   2:30 pm

Panel Discussion
Nathan Tinker, Moderator
Executive Director, NewYorkBIO
Cyndi Green
Business Development, Pfizer
Elizabeth Olek



  2:30 pm –   4:00 pm



  4:00 pm

Site Visit to Alexandria Center of Life Sciences


Emily Sheridan
Senior Director, Business Development at Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.


June 15, 2013



   9:30  am – 10:00 am

Masters of Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Overview and Student Feedback
Katherine Wellman
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University



10:00  am – 10:30 am

The Importance of Grounding Students in a Broader Perception of the Science and Business of Biotechnology
Lynn Johnson Langer
Director, Enterprise & Regulatory Science Programs, Center for Biotechnology Education, Johns Hopkins University



10:30 am –  11:00 am

Life Sciences Entrepreneurship: Education, Training, and Practice
William Marshall
Associate Director, University of South Florida Center for Entrepreneurship



11:00 am –  11:30 am

Towards a Competency based Approach to Bioentrepreneurship Education – A Work in Progress
Rubin Pillay
Director, Center for Health Systems Innovation, Oklahoma State University



11:30 am –  12:00 pm

Technology Transfer’s Role in Bioentrepreneurship
Brendan Rauw
Associate Vice Chancellor of Entrepreneurship, UCLA



12:00 pm –  12:30 pm

The Internship as a Gateway to Employment
Christopher Cullis
Professor, Case Western Reserve University



12:30 pm –    1:30 pm



  1:30 pm –   2:00 pm

Design of Biotech Courses with a Student Centered Learning Approach and Embedded Assessment
Martin Fein
Chair, Biology Department, Bronx Community College  



  2:00 pm –   2:30 pm

Hiring the Perfect Lab Technician
Sheryl Horstman
Biotechnology Faculty, Bates Technical College



  2:30 pm –   3:00 pm

Fundamentals of the Bioscience Industry Program: Impacting the Careers of Contemporary Grad students and Postdocs
Lidia Sobkow
Technology Commercialization Associate, Center for Biotechnology



  3:00 pm –   3:30 pm

Experience of a Technological University in the Education of Bioentrepreneurs in Costa Rica
Miguel Rojas-Chaves
Coordinator, Center for Research in Biotechnology, Technological Institute of Costa Rica



  3:30 pm –   4:00 pm

Victories and Challenges for International Biotechnology Education at the Catholic University of America
Frank Portugal
Director, M.S. in Biotechnology Program, The Catholic University of America



  4:00 pm–   4:30 pm

Academic Training for Bio Entrepreneurship: Challenges in Program Design
Finn Valentin
Professor, Copenhagen Business School



  4:30 pm–   5:00 pm

The Evolution of a Master's Program in Biotechnology
Carol Lin
Director, M.A. and Postbaccalaureate Programs in Biotechnology, Columbia University



June 16, 2013



 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Discussion on Core competency
Sheryl Horstman
Biotechnology Faculty, Bates Technical College
Discussion leader TBA



10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Proposal to establish a professional association of Biotechnology and Bioentrepreneurship Educators


Data collection to produce an expanded directory of education programs and educators


Discussion on further networking and resource sharing mechanisms



12:00 pm













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